Chuck Harter

Sales & Marketing Representative
San Marcos, Texas
Joined the R&R Marketing Team in March 2015


Industry Background: 
Chuck began his automotive love at a young age, helping his step father with his shop and working on his own projects. Setting a life-long passion for all things automotive. His professional career started with O’Reilly Auto Parts where he moved into an Assistant Manager position. He spent the next four years as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the Data Communications industry and started working for R&R Marketing in early 2015. Chuck looks forward to a long and prosperous career in the Automotive Performance Industry.

Traveling with my wife, turning wrenches with friends and watching sports.

Industry Awards & Recognitions:
-SEMA 2015 Rep of the Year Contributor

Industry Associations:
-SEMA Member
-YEN Member
-MRN Member
-CAN Member

Arkansas • Louisiana • Oklahoma • Texas