Scott Worley

Sales & Marketing Representative
Portland, Oregon
Joined the R&R Marketing Team in October 1983


Industry Background: 
Scott began his career in the automotive aftermarket in 1971 at the retail/wholesale level, specializing in high performance products. He literally grew up in the industry, starting in his father’s speed shop at the age of 14. His background covers all facets of the industry, including: retail sales (Service City Auto Parts), wholesale (Automotive West, Performance Warehouse), manufacturing (Autotronic Controls Corporation/MSD Ignition) and sales representative (Spectrum Marketing, R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc.). Scott joined R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc. in 1983. In addition to his account and territory responsibilities, Scott is a member of the senior management staff. Scott resides in Oregon with his wife.

Open track racing, kart racing, competitive shooting, knife collecting and muscle car restoration. 

Industry Awards & Recognitions:
-1988, 1995, 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2015 Rep of the Year Award Contributor

Industry Associations:
-SEMA Member
-MRN Member
-CAN Member 

Alaska • Hawaii • Idaho • Montana • Oregon • Utah • Wyoming