Kristin Vietti

Data Analyst
Kansas City, Missouri
Joined the R&R Marketing Team in September 2016


Industry Background:
Kristin joined R&R Marketing in September of 2016 as a Data Analyst. Kristin has 15+ years of experience contributing quantitative and qualitative results for companies across several diverse industries. Prior to starting work in the auto industry, Kristin performed financial analysis and underwriting in the property management industry for five years. She learned all about PIES and ACES data while working as a Data Analyst for the SEMA Data Co-Op. Kristin has a solid track record driving more efficient operations and remedying business problems via reviewing data and applying technical skill sets to create innovative solutions. She builds strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

When not in the office, Kristin enjoys walking her dog, backpacking, meditating and doing yoga. She can occasionally be seen riding her bike on bike trails in the Kansas City metro area.

Industry Associations:
-SEMA Member
-YEN Member
-SBN Member
-CAN Member

Data Support for All Territories