Providing Leading Business Services

Sales Calls

Sales Calls are at the core of personal interaction between R&R Marketing representatives and our customers. We establish a profile for our accounts to clearly outline the unique needs of each. Schedules are coordinated to deliver the highest level of service and are documented with our administrative staff. 


Prospecting is a critical component of our sales strategy. In addition to the growth and maintenance of existing accounts, we are always seeking new opportunities for growth.

Pipeline Inventory Management

Modern consumers have come to demand near instant gratification after making a purchasing decision. This trend makes effective Pipeline Inventory Management an increasingly important role in our sales strategy.

Market Strategy & Planning

 Strategic planning is a key to successful territory sales management. Each territory is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that a healthy balance of customers and accounts are in place to meet our goals and objectives.

Sales Consulting

With many years of experience and access to thousands of contacts throughout the industry, R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc. can offer a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Communications & Reporting

Communication is an essential part of successful selling. We employ many forms of technology so we can customize our communication vehicles to fit your needs and expectations

Field Sales Training

Knowledge of the products we sell is critical. We often visit our clients’ facilities for tours and formal education so we can be experts in the field. Training for our accounts and their staff is a part of every territory management plan.


R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc. may very well be known best for our sales promotions. We have sponsored some of the most inventive and outrageous sales promotions in the industry.