Sales Calls

Sales Calls are at the core of personal interaction between R&R Marketing representatives and our customers. We establish a profile for our accounts to clearly outline the unique needs of each. Schedules are coordinated to deliver the highest level of service and are documented with our administrative staff. 

We work closely with each of our customers to understand their needs, focus and challenges. This enables us to determine how products from our clients can contribute to sales success and profitability.   Regular and timely sales calls lead to many opportunities. New product presentations, product updates or revisions, inventory evaluation, staff training, warranty and return management, catalog and website review, pricing updates and strategies, policy updates and understanding and general dissemination of information are all components of the sales calls we make every day. Our sales calls are scheduled, documented, tracked and reviewed to ensure an effective sales and service effort. 

We make many sales calls on customers of our accounts. Often referred to as “Jobber Calls”, we maintain a high level of contact with retailers, installers, engine builders, chassis builders and specialty businesses that buy from our accounts. This helps us to “pull through” sales via our account base and ensure that the people who have the closest relationship to the end consumer are armed with all of the resources they need for successful selling. These sales calls are equally important for gathering critical product and market information to assist our clients. We document and track each of these “Jobber Calls” and maintain a database of key information for use in a variety of ways, especially for ongoing communication.