Joe Bovee

Western Region Sales Director
Battleground, Washington
Joined the R&R Marketing Team in May 2016


Industry Background: 
Joe began his career in the automotive market early in life. In high school he worked at a performance parts store where he worked his way up to store manager. Many years later he moved to AutoZone where he managed old and new stores alike, eventually moving him to South Carolina. After successfully managing multiple stores and launching pilot programs, he moved to the commercial sales side of operations. After six years with AutoZone, Joe was offered an opportunity to work as a Manufacturer's Representative. This new endeavor moved him back to the Pacific Northwest. He joined the R&R Marketing team in May of 2016 where he continues to pursue his passion for the automotive aftermarket.

Joe enjoys spending his time with his wife, Rochelle and their four children by camping, fishing, traveling and of course Jeeping. He’s been a lifelong automotive enthusiast, from rebuilding engines to racing and 4-wheeling. He’s active in the NW Off-Road scene and in the past was active in autocross. One of his favorite family activities is to get in the car and go explore something new.

Industry Awards & Recognitions:
-2015 BOLT Sales Representative of the Year

Industry Associations:
-SEMA Member
-YEN Member
-MRN Member
-CAN Member

Idaho • Montana • Oregon • Utah • Washington • Wyoming